International Photography Festival - PhMuseum Days 2023

PhMuseum Days 2023
22.09 > 01.10
Bologna, Italy

© Gabriele Cecconi

I Don't Know How To Respond To That

PhMuseum International Photo Festival is back for its third edition scheduled from 22 September to 1 October 2023 in Bologna, Italy.

The chosen theme is I Don't Know How To Respond To That, the answer that virtual assistants like Apple Siri give when they can't find a solution to our questions. The aim is to explore the dialogue between humans and machine, with a particular focus on the development of language in a broad sense. Through the works on display we will try to understand how our relationship with technology and our ways of communicating evolve in a world characterized by continuous innovations.

The event will be held at the DumBO’s Spazio Bianco in Bologna, Italy, a 1600 square meter post-industrial pavilion that will host exhibitions, presentations, a space dedicated to photographic publishing and an outdoor area. Plus, installations across the city of Bologna, events and more.

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PhMuseum Days @ Piazza Minghetti / Video by Giacomo Maestri

Main Venue

Spazio Bianco is one of DumBO's main pavilions, covering 1,600 square metres across three intercommunicating modules with a post-industrial charm.

Beyond the festival headquarters, we will present installations across Bologna to invite you to discover the city, and its iconic historical centre.

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