PhMuseum Days 2024
International Photography Festival
12.09 – 15.09 Bologna, Italy

PhMuseum International Photo Festival is back for its fourth edition taking place from 12 to 15 September 2024 in Bologna, Italy.

The chosen theme is CLOSER: we live in an era in which it is not possible to imagine any objective detachment between us and reality. Observation itself touches and changes things, every story is contamination. The works on show do not attempt to achieve an impossible neutrality, but accept the partiality that comes from looking closely. They make intimacy their strength: in interpersonal relationships as much as in that with the territory, with history, and with living beings. An invitation to open up, to share, to observe things more carefully, beyond prejudices and stereotypes.

The event will be held at the DumBO’s Spazio Bianco in Bologna, Italy, a 1600 square meter post-industrial pavilion that will host exhibitions, presentations, a space dedicated to photographic publishing and an outdoor area. Plus, installations across the city of Bologna, events and more.

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