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PhMuseum Days 2021
23-26 September
Bologna, Italy


© Alejandro Chaskielberg

A New Beginning

From 23 to 26 September 2021 the first edition of the PhMuseum Days photography festival will take place at DumBO space in Bologna, Italy. The event is curated and organized by PhMuseum, an incubator of photographic talents, with the aim of becoming one of the most interesting festivals on the European calendar and to contribue in making Bologna one of the reference cities for contemporary photography.

The chosen theme is A New Beginning because the festival represents an opportunity to rethink the decade that has just begun and how to face the important challenges it will bring such as equality, sustainability, social justice, innovation and technology. The event will be a playground for professionals and a moment of discovery for those who want to get closer to photography and the visual arts.

The program includes individual exhibitions, a collective installation, workshops, portfolio reviews, screenings, talks and round tables, performances and a space dedicated to independent publishing.

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The exhibitions are the starting point of the festival. Thanks to the research and vision of the invited artists, we hope that constructive reflections will arise on those issues that characterize our present and near future. We will talk about equality, climate change, sustainability, innovation, ontology and much more thanks to the seven individual exhibitions, a collective installation and a selection of publications that will help us re-imagine the future and face the main challenges of the decade that has just begun.

In this rigorous and entertaining workshop, the visionary American author Jason Fulford will share his great experience in the field of visual language and narrative construction starting from his original and innovative approach. Over the course of 3 days you will work with him to make sense of 2500 images that will be related according to the ideas of the participants and common reflections with the aim of understanding how he can change their meaning. The goal will be to create a final selection which will then be printed in a volume published by PhMuseum under Fulford supervision in which all participants will be credited. A unique opportunity to work with a great professional and understand the grammar of photographic language in depth. Something you can then apply to your personal projects

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Portfolio Reviews are an excellent opportunity to meet influential professionals in the sector and discuss your work with them.

Book your seat now to meet a select group of experts including curators, photo editors, book publishers and industry experts who will be available in 25-minute private sessions. You will have the opportunity to showcase your portfolio, expand your network and get feedback and practical advice to further your photographic vision.

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PhMuseum Days 2021 will be the first edition of the festival organised by PhMuseum, an online platform that has been promoting contemporary photography for 9 years and over the years has become a network of more than 50,000 photographers.

The festival will be held at the DumBO's Binario Centrale and includes an articulated program of exhibitions, presentations, round tables, portfolio workshop reviews and much more. The inauguration is scheduled for Thursday 23 September at 6 pm. The festival will then remain open all weekend from 10 am to 11 pm.

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The Binario Centrale is a pavilion with a great post-industrial charm, which develops into a single hall overlooked by a large balcony.

Completely refurbished, equipped with functional fittings and a full range of services including a 8x8mt stage, sound system, projector and video screen, stage lights, and two bars - it will be the festival’s headquarters, and will host the program of exhibitions, presentations, round tables and a space dedicated to independent photographic publishing.

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