A workshop on editing with Jason Fulford What to do with 2500 images?

When and Where

23, 24 and 25 Sept 2021
10am to 3pm everyday

Binario Centrale, DumBO,
Via Camillo Casarini 19
40131 Bologna


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Available seats

14 People

Join Jason Fulford in this 3-day workshop, to help him make sense of 2500 submissions to the PhMuseum 2021 Mobile Photo Prize. A selection of the photographs will end up in book form as a collaborative work, designed by Fulford and published by PHmuseum.

In this rigorous and fun workshop, participants will play games and exercises, using the 2500 photographs as content. Exercises will open up the meanings of the pictures and play off of each other to create new meanings. The results will influence the final concept, edit and design of the book, and participants will be credited in print.

In three 5-hour sessions, Fulford will guide participants through various ways of looking and thinking about images. He will start with the premise that every photograph is ambiguous—that the meaning of a picture is determined by the circumstances of its reception. Once you are on board with this basic fact, the possibilities of storytelling open up. Then you can play with the photograph's inherent open-endedness, to either heighten the mystery, or clarify a point of view.

Participants should come with an open mind, a sense of humor and a strong work ethic. Aside from the book project, one desired outcome is a way of thinking and living that generates meaningful and mysterious work.


Jason Fulford is a photographer and co-founder of J&L Books. He is a Guggenheim Fellow, a frequent lecturer at universities, and has led workshops across the globe. Fulford’s photographs have been described as open metaphors. As an editor and an author, a focus of his work has been on the subject of how meaning is generated through association. His monographs include Sunbird (2000), Crushed (2003), Raising Frogs for $$$ (2006), The Mushroom Collector (2010), Hotel Oracle (2013), Contains: 3 Books (2016), Clayton's Ascent (2018), The Medium is a Mess (2018) and Picture Summer on Kodak Film (2020). He is co-author with Tamara Shopsin of the photobook for children, This Equals That (2014), co-editor with Gregory Halpern of The Photographer’s Playbook (2014), guest editor of Der Greif Issue 11, and editor of Photo No-Nos (2021).

A workshop on editing with Jason Fulford A workshop on editing with Jason Fulford A workshop on editing with Jason Fulford A workshop on editing with Jason Fulford