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The exhibitions are just one of the many activities of the PhMuseum Days which also includes talks, presentations and guided tours with the authors. Buy the Weekend Pass to participate in all events, or opt for the Day Pass which allows you to participate in all the activities of the chosen day

Thursday 23 Sep

Opening night

17:00 - Door opening

19:00 - Opening ceremony

Friday 24 Sep

Book Signing

10:00 - Book Presentation 1

Coffee with the authors

11:00 - Guided tour: Samuel Fordham presents the exhitibion C-R92/BY

11:30 - Guided tour: Ligia Popławska presents the exhibition Fading Senses

12:30 - Guided tour: Alejandro Chaskielberg presents the exhibition Natur-e

Coffee with the authors

11:00 - Guided tour: Samuel Fordham presents the exhitibion C-R92/BY

Talks & Round Tables

14:00 - What happens if we lose our senses?

Ligia Popławska talks about the impact of climate change on our emotional and existential state

15:00 - Silvia Rosi and Black History Month Bologna

A dialogue on identity and second generations in Italy

16:00 - A journey between time and space

Vasantha Yogananthan in conversation with Giuseppe Oliverio (PhMuseum) on the project A Myth Of Two Souls

17:00 - What does it mean to be connected in times of pandemics?

Alejandro Chaskielberg talks about the months he spent in a house in the woods in Patagonia with his daughter Lara

19:00 - Photography as a tool for social transformation

Angelica Dass presents her long-term project Humanae

Saturday 25 Sep

Book Signing

10:00 - Book Presentation 1

Book Signing

10:00 - Marco Zanella presents Scalandrê, published by CESURA

11:00 - Michele Sibiloni presents Nsenene, published by Edition Patrick Frey

12:00 - Alessandra Dragoni presents All The Flowers That You Plant published by Skinnerboox

Coffee with the authors

10:30 - Guided Tour: Silvia Rosi presents the exhibition Encounter

11:30 - Guided Tour: Vasantha Yogananthan presents the exhibition Afterlife

12:30 - Guided tour: Angelica Dass presents the exhibition Humanae

Talks & Round Tables

14:00 - Hyperbureaucracy and Skype Families

Samuel Fordham talks about his personal experience at the time of Brexit

15:00 - A New Beginning and the role of cultural events

Chiara Bardelli Nonino (Photo Vogue Festival), Giacomo Brini (Riaperture) and Alfio Tommasini (Verzasca FOTO) in conversation with Giuseppe Oliverio (PhMuseum)

16:00 - Reframing History preview

Vogue Italia Photo Editors Chiara Bardelli Nonino and Francesca Marani present the next edition of the Photo Vogue Festival

17:00 - What we have learnt about publishing

Elena Vaninetti (YET Magazine) interviews Tommaso Parrillo (Witty Books), Sara Occhipinti (Studiofaganel) and Anna Ferraro (Fruit Exhibition)

18:00 - A New Beginning and the role of cultural institutions in this decade

with Gian Luca Farinelli (Cineteca di Bologna), Daniele De Luigi (Fondazione Modena Arti Visive), Caterina Molteni (MAMbo) and Matteo Balduzzi (MUFOCO)

Sunday 26 Sep

Book Signing

10:00 - Book Presentation 1

Book Signing

11:00 - Veronica Milli presents Valdescura è lontana un'ora dal mare, published by DITO publishing

11:30 - Angelica Dass presents The Colors We Share, published by Aperture

12:00 - PhMuseum's FOLIO Masterclass prize recipient Riccardo Svelto presents La Cattedrale published by Witty Books with the support from PhMuseum

12:30 - Alfio Tommasini presents Via Lactea, published by Edition Patrick Frey

15,30 - Francesca Todde presents A Sensitive Education published by Départ pour l’Image

16:00 - Elia Pinna presents Sample, published by Altana, in conversation with Stefano Graziani

16:30 - Martina Zanin presents I Made Them Run Away published by Skinnerboox

17:00 - Luca Santese and Marco P. Valli present Il Corpo del Capitano published by CESURA

17:30 - Alessio Pellicoro presents Abisso published by DITO Publishing

18:00 - Simone Donati and Fiorenza Pinna present Varco Appennino published by Witty Books

18:30 - Mattia Parodi e Piergiorgio Sorgetti present The Missing Eye published by Witty Books

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