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Rita Puig-Serra
Anatomy Of An Oyster

Anatomy Of An Oyster - Rita Puig-Serra Anatomy Of An Oyster - Rita Puig-Serra Anatomy Of An Oyster - Rita Puig-Serra Anatomy Of An Oyster - Rita Puig-Serra Anatomy Of An Oyster - Rita Puig-Serra

Exhibition Details

Anatomy Of An Oyster is a journey into Rita Puig-Serra's past that traces a story of courage and personal re-elaboration from the abuse she suffered in her family as a child. The project is an attempt to recount a painful experience to her now absent mother and to herself.

Consisting of texts, archive images and new shots, the photographer revisits places of her childhood that help her contextualise the present in a slow and delicate process of re-elaboration. Searching through family photos for details of the person who abused her, Rita Puig-Serra performs a cathartic exercise by getting as close to him as possible through close-ups of different parts of his body and his gaze to convey the violence. “The project,” says the artist, “is about what we do not dare to tell, what we are unable to bring out from within, to verbalise, because there are moments when we feel we have no voice. And the struggle here was to go deep inside to dare to bring out what was hidden in the darkness, the pearl”.

About the Author

Rita Puig-Serra (Spain, 1985) is a photographer living in Barcelona. After a humanistic education and a Master's degree in comparative literature, she studied graphic design and photography. Today, she works on both personal projects as well as commercial assignments. Her first project, Where Mimosa Bloom, was published by Editions du Lic in 2014, her latest, Anatomy of an Oyster, was released by Witty Books in 2023.

Her practice, closely related to literature, revolves around the concept of identity and how it is redefined in the course of our lives. It also explores the essence of human relationships and the influence that love, death, luck or memories have on the construction of ourselves.


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