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Tara Laure Claire Sood
The Studio

The Studio - Tara Laure Claire Sood The Studio - Tara Laure Claire Sood The Studio - Tara Laure Claire Sood The Studio - Tara Laure Claire Sood The Studio - Tara Laure Claire Sood

Exhibition Details

The Studio is a tribute to the photographic studios that existed in Indian villages before cameras became commonplace and a way of faithfully representing Indian culture, without the fetishisation of "otherness" often represented by the Western gaze.

Run by people who were in effect artists and storytellers, they specialised in family portraits, souvenirs for couples and important moments to be immortalised. Each studio had a repertoire of props and costumes and, as colour photography was an unaffordable luxury, black and white photos were often painted with inks and oil colours. The exhibition therefore evokes the playful, theatrical, performative and aspirational nature of these studio portraits with an archive of provincial and rural characters embellished by the magic of the camera and craftsmanship.

About the Author

Tara Laure Claire Sood (India/France, 1995) is a French-Indian photographer and filmmaker living between London, Paris and India. Her work is driven by the characters she portrays and often blurs the boundaries between staging and documentary. Favoring darkroom techniques, archival elements, and a rich color palette, she tells the story of her Indian heritage. Her work stands in solidarity with the South Asian diaspora, primarily choosing to represent the dying artistic skills and traditions in India, while attempting to create a new approach to representation that discards past clichés.


Main Location - Spazio Bianco, DumBO

Via Camillo Casarini, 19 – Bologna
12-15 September
Thu 3pm-9pm. Fri-Sun 10am-9pm

Tickets €10 (Reduced €8)

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