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La Linea D'Acqua

Sara Palmieri

La Linea D'Acqua - Sara Palmieri
La Linea D'Acqua - Sara Palmieri
La Linea D'Acqua - Sara Palmieri
La Linea D'Acqua - Sara Palmieri
La Linea D'Acqua - Sara Palmieri

Exhibition Details:

La Linea d'Acqua addresses the theme of memory through an intimate and metaphysical research on the transience of things, and the elaboration of loss; it is a reflection on the representation and aesthetics of trauma, an attempt to resolve the fracture between the individual and the external world, between individual and collective memory.

The work finds its origin in the memory of the Polesine flood of November 14, 1951, the biggest ever in Italy, which marked a line of separation between a before and an after of a peasant culture with its traditions, and left an indelible fracture in people and places. The artist carries out a reflection on the territory, on its ability to contain signs and to hand down traces. The research process takes place through various devices and on different levels of reading. The water of the river, the landscape, and the tales of those who were there or have been handed down are devices, and the space of the image is a device, a perceptive surface where the encounter between opposite dimensions takes place: visible and invisible, past and present, submerged and emerged, abstract and concrete, fluid and solid.

The impossibility of memory to faithfully hand down the history, fragmented in the story of those who remain, and of the landscape to preserve visible signs, generates matrices, portals, images whose horizon vibrates, spatial archetypes that unfold and change like echoes of an imaginary Morse code, a system of signs that refers to languages used to communicate and ask for help: minimal gestures, to translate and extract from oblivion the traces in dissolution.

On a metaphorical borderline, Sara Palmieri generates a place where a short-circuit can happen, from where symbolically a sound wave unfolds, a communication between two parts, through a process in which the water of the Po river also physically participates. The space of the image is thus invested with more relationships and reproduces the events of the places, letting submerged truths emerge.

Photographer's Bio:

(Italy) Palmieri is an Italian artist who lives and works between Rome and the Veneto countryside. She graduated in Architecture in 2005 and for years she worked as a set designer and interior designer. She uses photography as the main tool to investigate the perception of time and memory through their resonance in the space we inhabit, and as a starting point to question the forms of reality, to show the fragility of its certainties: through the introduction of sculpture, performance, and installation both in the creative process and in the exhibition of the final work, she invites the viewer to enter a new possible scenario, to overturn the perspective from which we observe things and to abandon the usual codes of reference. Her works have been exhibited internationally in festivals and galleries, including Matèria Gallery, Fotohaus ParisBerlin Gallery Arles, Fotografia Festival Internazionale di Roma, Istanbul Biennal, Athens Photo Festival, and Focus Photography Festival Mumbai. She has published two artist books, M. and La plume plonge a la tête for which, among other recognitions, she won the 2016 Marco Bastianelli Award as the best self-published Italian photographic book. In 2018 she was a finalist of the Full Contact Award SCAN Tarragona, and with the work La linea d’acqua in 2020 she is a finalist of the Prix Mentor and among the winners of the Urbanautica Insitute Awards, in 2021 finalist of the Premio Francesco Fabbri for the Contemporary Arts. Her work is featured in various printed and online magazines, including The British Journal of Photography, Photoworks Annual and is part of collective anthologies such as A Place Both Wonderful and Strange (Fuego Books), Il Sangue Delle Donne|The Blood of Women (Postmedia books). Since 2013 she has been working on the development of potential through photography, and holds courses and workshops.

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