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Piergiorgio Sorgetti
Summer Glow

Summer Glow - Piergiorgio Sorgetti Summer Glow - Piergiorgio Sorgetti Summer Glow - Piergiorgio Sorgetti Summer Glow - Piergiorgio Sorgetti

Exhibition Details

Glow is the intensity of light as it plays with the surface, the voice of a memory or the rising of a desire. It is a summary of colours, the synthesis of a season. These concepts characterise the work of Piergiorgio Sorgetti who was invited by Portofino Dry Gin to offer his interpretation of the Italian Riviera. The photographer focuses on the sensations gathered on a typical summer day amidst the complicity of glances and gestures. Details are inspired by the idea of conviviality and freshness. Cliches lend a hand to rediscover the meaning of this season in our lifetime, and its connection to memory and heritage.

About the Author

Piergiorgio Sorgetti (Italy, 1988) is a photographer based in Bologna. He obtained a Master’s Degree in Photography of Cultural Heritage at ISIA Urbino, Italy. He approaches his images as a form of research where he studies the material memory of forms that are in continuous mutation. He refers to the process as psychic archeology, where the images compare with the rhythm of dreams. Alongside editorial and commercial commissions, Sorgetti develops personal projects that have been exhibited in several Italian venues. His photobook The Missing Eye, co-authored with Mattia Parodi and published by Witty Books in 2021, has been featured in international magazines such as American Suburb X and The British Journal of Photography.

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