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Collective Show - Various Artists Collective Show - Various Artists Collective Show - Various Artists Collective Show - Various Artists Collective Show - Various Artists

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Meant as an occasion to reflect on the strong moment of change we are living, the exhibition brings together 41 photographers whose images were selected through the festival open call. The eternal return of history and the need to live the present while recognising the power of actions in shaping the future coexists in this open narrative. The different points of view we share, our personal experience, and the speculative interpretations of reality invite us to reflect on our society and what we aim for the next generations. Thanks to the support of Fideuram Private Banker, the show was installed in Piazza Minghetti to encourage a collective dialogue in the public space.


Selected photographers: Allan Salas, Andrés Mario de Varona, Anton Kuehnhackl, Antone Dolezal, Arne Piepke, Austin Cullen, Christopher Valentine, Claudia Fuggetti, Disha Patil, Eleana Konstantellos André, Emilia Martin, Filippo Venturi, Gabriele Cecconi, Henri Kisielewski, Hiro Tanaka, Hyunmin Ryu, Jaclyn Wright, Jake Mein, Jan Richard Heinicke, Kendra Ward, Laura Sisterò, Lina van Hulle, Lorenzo Maccotta, Luciana Demichelis, Lukasz Kubicki, Margarita Valdivieso Beltran, Margaux Corda, Melissa Catanese, Mirko Viglino, Ngadi Smart, Niall O'Brien, Pang Hai, Parker Bryant-Carty, Paulo Simão, Ryan Pfluger, Sarah Mei Herman, Selina Disera, Tatiana Grigorenko, Vincent Forstenlechner, Vivian Keulards, Jimmi Wing Ka Ho, Yi Hsuan Lai.

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