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Sara Palmieri
La Linea D'Acqua

La Linea D'Acqua - Sara Palmieri La Linea D'Acqua - Sara Palmieri La Linea D'Acqua - Sara Palmieri La Linea D'Acqua - Sara Palmieri La Linea D'Acqua - Sara Palmieri

Exhibition Details

La Linea d'Acqua addresses the theme of memory through an intimate and metaphysical research on the transience of things, and the elaboration of loss. The work finds its origin in the memory of the Polesine flood of 1951 that marked a before and an after of peasant culture, leaving an indelible fracture in people and places. Sara Palmieri reflects on the territory and its ability to contain traces. The river, the landscape, and the tales of those who were there are devices. The image is a perceptive surface where opposite dimensions meet: visible and invisible, past and present, abstract and concrete, fluid and solid. The impossibility of memory to faithfully hand down the history and that of the landscape to preserve visible signs generate matrices that change like echoes of an imaginary Morse code. Minimal gestures to extract from oblivion the traces in dissolution.

About the Author

Sara Palmieri (Italy, 1974) is an artist who lives and works between Rome and the Veneto countryside. She graduated in Architecture in 2005 and for years she worked as a set and interior designer. She uses photography to investigate the perception of time and memory through their resonance in the space we inhabit. Her works have been exhibited internationally in festivals and galleries. She won the 2016 Marco Bastianelli Award for the best self-published Italian photography book with her publication La Plume Plonge à la Tête. Her project La Linea d’Acqua was among the finalists of the 2021 Premio Francesco Fabbri for the Contemporary Arts. Her work has been featured in various magazines, including The British Journal of Photography.

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