Glow Exhibition by Piergiorgio Sorgetti PhMuseum Days22


Piergiorgio Sorgetti

Glow - Piergiorgio Sorgetti
Glow - Piergiorgio Sorgetti
Glow - Piergiorgio Sorgetti
Glow - Piergiorgio Sorgetti

Exhibition Details:

Playing with the elements and the notion of time, photographer Piergiorgio Sorgetti takes inspiration from summer cliches to rediscover the meaning of this season in our lifetime. Timeless moments, lightheartedness and nostalgia coexist in these suspended images whose meaning is sometimes clear, sometimes evasive, and quite often connect to our heritage.

The work is the result of a new collaboration between PhMuseum and Portofino Gin who invite every year a new artist to re-interpret the Italian Riviera.

Photographer's Bio:

Sorgetti (Italy, 1988) approaches his images as a form of research where he studies the ‘material memory of forms that are in continuous mutation’, a process he calls ‘psychic archeology’ where the images compare with the rhythm of dreams. His approach is to look at the interaction between natural and cultural elements and assemble rhythms in which the photographic image begins to undo, confuse and deny its original meaning.

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