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About PhMuseum Days

From 23 to 26 September 2021 the first edition of the PhMuseum Days photography festival will take place at DumBO space in Bologna, Italy. The event is curated and organized by PhMuseum, an incubator of photographic talents, with the aim of becoming one of the most interesting festivals on the European calendar and to contribue in making Bologna one of the reference cities for contemporary photography.

The chosen theme is A New Beginning because the festival represents an opportunity to rethink the decade that has just begun and how to face the important challenges it will bring such as equality, sustainability, social justice, innovation and technology. The event will be a playground for professionals and a moment of discovery for those who want to get closer to photography and the visual arts. The program includes individual exhibitions, a collective installation, workshops, portfolio reviews, screenings, performances and a space dedicated to independent publishing.

Among the main guests, the Argentine photographer Alejandro Chaskielberg whose Natur-e project reflects on the relationship between man, nature and technology and the Brazilian photographer Angelica Dass who will exhibit Humanae, a ten-year project that tries to demonstrate that what defines the human being is its inescapable uniqueness. The program further includes Encounter by the Italian Silvia Rosi who starts from her family album to tell stories of migration and diaspora through self-portraits and performances, and Afterlife by the French photographer Vasantha Yogananthan who tells the eternal challenge between good and evil reinterpreting a passage Indian epic the Ramayana.

Moreover, other three works were chosen from over 700 projects that have applied through the festival's open call. They are Human by Ecuadorian Fabiola Cedillo, on the human being's need to reproduce, naturally and through technology; Fading Senses by Ligia Poplawska of Poland, on the implications of the loss of ecosystems on our mental and emotional health; C-R92/BY by the English photographer Samuel Fordham, on thousands of British families separated as a result of policies from the Ministry of the Interior.

The Festival will offer content suitable for all age groups and is designed to be inclusive.

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