A workshop with The Cool Couple Oblique Strategies

When and Where

23 Sept 2023
from 10am to 2pm

PhMuseum Lab, Via Paolo Fabbri 10/2a, Bologna (Italy)

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Available seats

17 Participants + 1 Scholarship

"The limits of my language mean the limits of my world" - Ludwig Wittgenstein

The world is changing faster and faster, and sometimes it seems that words are not enough to describe what is happening. In this workshop, you will have the chance to explore how verbal and visual language meet, examining the power of neologisms as a tool to analyze different aspects of our daily lives.

During the first phase of the workshop, participants will work together with the tutors to create new words and terms that express concepts and experiences that may not have a direct correspondence in the existing vocabulary. This exercise will allow us to explore the most intimate and personal aspects of our lives, as well as wider and general phenomena, in a creative and original way.

In the second phase, these new definitions will be employed to generate images through the use of artificial intelligence. We will explore the use of text-to-image generators and computer vision algorithms that are able to synthesize an image starting from a textual command.

By participating in this workshop, you will have the opportunity to reflect on the role of datasets in influencing our imagination, and on the way word-image interaction can open up new perspectives on our interpretation of reality.

Book your seat using the link below. If you wish to know more about any aspects of the course before enrolling, or to apply for the scholarship, please write to edu@phmuseum.com.


The Cool Couple (often shortened TCC) is an artist duo based in Milan, Italy, and established in late 2012 by Niccolò Benetton (1986) and Simone Santilli (1987). They talk about images and their agency through a multi-disciplinary approach. TCC also love teaching, because it’s good karma to share. They are lecturers at NABA Milan and Course Leaders of the BA in Visual Arts at MADE Program, Syracuse.

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