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Martina Giammaria
Dream of a Blue Garden

Dream of a Blue Garden - Martina Giammaria Dream of a Blue Garden - Martina Giammaria Dream of a Blue Garden - Martina Giammaria Dream of a Blue Garden - Martina Giammaria Dream of a Blue Garden - Martina Giammaria

Exhibition Details

In a surreal, dreamlike Portofino, amidst photographs of dancers reinterpreting the landscape and images generated by the interaction between the artist and a software program, the spectator finds himself wondering: "what am I looking at, and where am I really?"

Human bodies merge with a landscape of light, wind, water, rock and plants, following a sound imperceptible to us. At the same time, an artificial intelligence gives shape to a dream within a dream, generating images that manifest themselves by typing the word Portofino. A reflection of a collective memory, Dreams Of A Blue Garden invites us to confront our perception of reality and to explore those elements that represent a place in our memories and emotions. As in a dream, it is beauty, mystery and undefined sensations that give rise to a certain imagery and its evolution in time and space.

Dreams Of A Blue Garden is a project developed by Martina Giammaria for Portofino Dry Gin and exhibited in partnership with Condominio as part of the collaboration program promoted by PhMuseum for PhMuseum Days 2023.

About the Author

Martina Giammaria (Italy, 1976) is an Italian photographer based in Milan. Her work aims to create ephemeral and elusive stories out of simple elements: surreal portraits, objects of desire and ordinary places. She loves immersing the viewer in a setting of incertitude, leaving them with the responsibility of connecting the pieces and imagining a story. She collaborates with editorial and commercial international clients such as T Magazine, M le Monde, The New York Times, Wallpaper*, Financial Times, Vogue Italia, Wired, Elle, Timberland, Tacchini, Portofino Gin and others.



Via Melchiorre Gioia 41 – Milano

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