The Photobook Hub is the space entirely dedicated to independent photobooks, located inside DumBO’s Spazio Bianco. A selection of international and Italian publishers presenting their best titles. We also included book launches and book-related talks within the main program.

Blow Up Press

BLOW UP PRESS (BUP) publishing house has been operating since 2012. Founded by two enthusiasts, BUP initially operated as an internet publisher. After several approaches, BUP switched to paper in 2016. Since then, it has published more than 10 photobooks and lens-based art books reflecting the publishing house motto: “When the story matters”, gaining recognition from readers and critics around the world. Sarting in 2020, BLOW UP PRESS is also organizing the BUP Book Award photobook competition, the main prize of which is to translate an existing photo project into the book format and publish it.

BOLO Paper

BOLO Paper is an independent publishing house based in Milan, Italy. They often work with designers and artists with the aim of producing quality objects, artist's books, magazines, fanzines, and limited edition prints, without submitting to the logic of the market and common sense. The publishing house was founded in 2011 by Marco Nicotra, a graphic designer from Milan.


CESURA PUBLISH is an independent photography publishing house located in hills/countryside, northern Italy, first established in 2010 as a branch of the eponymous collective CESURA, focused on documentary photography and visual research. CP started printing its first publications to self-promote its members' photographic projects. Today, CP still maintains this initial mission by publishing a selected range of photobooks that results from the diverse body of work of CESURA’s eighteen photographers, some of which appeared in national and international magazines such as American Suburb X, BJP, Chicago Critic, Vice Italy, Vogue; and were shortlisted and recipients of various awards. In 2014, Found Photos in Detroit was featured by Martin Parr and Gerry Badger in “The Photobook: A History Vol. III,” published by Phaidon.

Départ Pour L'Image

Départ Pour L'Image is an independent publisher based in Milan and working on experimental publications, fanzines and notebooks, with an editorial line focused on the possibilities of the image on the border between photography and contemporary art.


Fw:Books is an independent publisher with a focus on photography and related topics. Photography is a unique medium; it doesn’t have a fixed way of revealing itself. We see the choice to make a book as a choice to make a new work. Fw:Books is a collaboration between Hans Gremmen (designer, editor), Petra Stavast (artist), and Karin Krijgsman (writer, curator).

Havaiana Papers

Havaiana Papers is a platform that supports the circulation of Brazilian and Latin American independent photobooks since 2017. By participating in international events and book fairs, we want to spread the word about fresh, tropical, interesting titles coming from the periphery of the cultural world. Havaiana Papers was founded by Walter Costa and it’s integrated by: Dan de Carvalho, Daniele Queiroz, Rafael Roncato, Talita Virginia e Vitor Casemiro.


L’Artiere Edizioni is a young publishing house specialised in photography books characterised by the high quality of its products. The publishing house was founded in 2013 from an idea by Gianluca and Gianmarco Gamberini. Specialised in the presentation of photographic collections, L’Artiere Edizioni strongly believes in the concept of quality and attention to every detail of the finished product, devoting itself to the creation of volumes that are aesthetically pleasing and made to last, not only aimed at expert photographers or collectors, but also at fans or people who simply want to catch up with the world of contemporary photography.

Macaroni Book

Macaronibook is an independent publishing house founded by the photographer Camille Carbonaro in 2016 and based in Brussels. It focuses on photographic and poetic projects that deal with memory, identity, genealogy and exile with a particular attention to the relation between pictures, archives and texts. It’s driven by a spirit of independence and permanent research of the harmony between paper, printing and images through the publication of hand made book-objects and photo-fanzines in a limited number of copies.


Independent publishing house focused on photography and other kind of narratives. We take great care in the choice of paper, as a curatorial rather than editorial act.


Founded by Italian designer Milo Montelli, Skinnerboox is a publishing house focused on contemporary photography and visual arts.


Studiofaganel is a contemporary art gallery founded in 2011 in Gorizia (Italy) by Sara Occhipinti and Marco Faganel. It currently represents 12 photographers and works to promote their contemporary artistic research. Since 2018, it is also an independent publisher and bookstore specialising in photography.

Witty Books

Witty Books is an independent publishing house that aims to promote contemporary photography and visual arts. Our mission focuses on the diffusion and education of the images. Witty books was founded in 2012 with the name of Witty Kiwi by Tommaso Parrillo.